We are a digital workplace consultancy specialising in Modern Intranets and Information Portals.


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To create digital tools that improve the work life of the people that use them.

Because life is too short for work not to be a rich, rewarding and satisfying experience.

What is an Intranet?

Your modern intranet is the digital front door of your company. The virtual version of your physical work place where your employees work and socialize every-day.

Why do you need an intranet?

The 4th industrial revolution will impact every company in every industry. Your companies response to this eminent digital disruption starts with a modern intranet.

Do you have an existing Intranet?

We can help you increase employee engagement

What is an Information Portal?

In the Information age, your company will use multiple digital tools to collect and share information. An information portal surfaces this content in an attractive and intuitive way.

Why do you need an information portal?

Multiple sources of important information make it hard to find and use. Information portals improve findability and discoverability, thereby increasing the value of this critical asset.